Are you always comfortable and in mood to talk to people

Are you like tthe title say?or are you sonetimes just feel uncomfortable and dont wanna talk and look at people…I got this bad habit that I get really anxious around people and I cannot talk to people when I am moody/depress

I have a hard time talking to people I don’t know regardless of my mood. Even on a good day I will keep any required conversations to a minimum.

My physical mouth is always in agony - dry mouth so I don’t like talking.

I have ups and downs. Sometimes I’m very talkative and then suddenly I become introvert and want to be alone. Too many ppl around me make me tired. I need time alone to recharge my batteries.

I usually do not like to talk to strangers, I usually avoid talking to them as much as possible. I do however like to talk to people I am comfortable with - my aunt, my dad, my therapist to a certain degree etc… I wanted to add that I am uncomfortable in crowds - gatherings. I can handle a few people at a time, as long as they are familiar to me

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Not always. Sometimes i find it difficult to come up with fairly instant replies and engaging in conversation feels like too much effort.

I usually am sociable and sociably desirable (have friends, look good, people respond well to me when they meet me) but in the gym I am rather crazed and say stupid ■■■■. But not half as bad as some of the other lifters. Im all hopped up on preworkout and skip my afternoon xanax to go lift. It makes quite a difference.

In social situations, like on a friday or saturday night, I have all of my meds in me and maybe some but not “powerlifting” doses of caffeine in me and I get along fine with people. Some people approach me and I approach some and can handle conversations and introducing myself just fine.

I like to talk as long as its not about something stupid or Thor forbid hipster. I dont wanna hear about some stupid band that is “going to make it big” or about what drugs someone was on at the last music festival they went to. That kind of talk makes me wanna leave.

But yeah people wouldnt know I am mentally ill unless they already know me, I am open about my condition and basically everyone who knows me knows that I am a high functioning schizophrenic. I can talk to stangers quite well. I am friendly and at parties I can resist drugs and alcohol and instead take care of drunks and just talk to people while sober and on my meds.

I used to be dysfunctional, I avoided people unless they bought me alcohol. Then I would be friends with them and get them to use their fake ID’s or get 21 year old friends to hook me up with some drunk juice. I remember getting hit on a few times whilst psychotic and just being clueless and not trusting the person. I was a happy drunk and was accepted into a group of young guys who got plastered quite often, they knew I was looney and just gave me booze and watched me become a happy drunk. Without alcohol in me I was disturbingly quiet and extremely paranoid, then when I drank my symptoms were relieved to some extent and I was just happy to be alive. I dont need a makeshift tranquilizer anymore, I am on enough prescription ones today, ones that are legal to drive on. LOL

As long as I am on my meds, I have no problem talking to people. I never skip my antipsychotic or beta blocker, I skip my second dose of xanax to workout but theyre all on freaking anabolics and testosterone boosters so I dont seem that messed up. I am talkative and friendly even in the gym. I just say some goofy stuff. Some people in the gym are pretty wacko too. So its all good.

But I have noticed that I am socially desirable because I am quite unique- as they say in alcoholics anonymous, “infinitely unique”. Yeah sorry but I actually am infinitely unique and I believe that everyone is. People see a buff guy with a military shave and haircut wearing skulls and crossbones, usually in a black outfit drinking from a super sized water bottle. Interesting. Stands out from the drunk kids who all look the same. So some people approach me out of curiosity I assume.

I think I might intimidate some people. Ever since I got jacked no one at social situations says anything remotely offensive and I havent had someone pick a fight since I was 16 and just 135lbs. People I meet are quite respectful, they introduce themselves, shake my hand and look me in the eye. I like that. When someone doesnt look me in the eye, it really annoys me and makes me instantly dislike them for some reason.

I dont go to parties that much though. Mostly ones where I already know everyone. Theyre all proud to see me recovered from my crap, sober and muscular and not psychotic. No one insults me in the slightest, people just say I look amazing and ask me how life is going. It is very rewarding to be highly functioning, people who saw my descent into madness are amazed at how I am practically cured. They tell me that theyre proud.

Last party I went to which was random, I ended up hitting on an 18 year old girl who had been drinking and kept talking about how she was a virgin. I was like HELL NO WRONG GIRL TO TALK TO. Then I hit on a gay guy who was all like “im so sorry, I have a boyfriend but youre very sweet and good looking”. That party sucked. My friend I went with and I both yelled THAT PARTY SUCKED right when we got in the car. We laughed because it was one of those funny moments where you both say the same thing at once.

But yeah I am pretty much always in the mood to talk to people, as long as my meds and caffeine are on schedule. If my constant levels of balanced caffeine and tranquilizers is off, I fall asleep or get agitated and withdrawn. My shrink calls me a french clock because he collects antique clocks and french clocks are very smooth but require constant maintenance and a tiny bit of dust can make it jam up. With 400mg of caffiene, 120mg of major tranquilizer, 3mg of minor tranquilizer and 80mg of beta blocker all spread out timed perfectly throughout the day, you can sure as hell call me high maintenance. I carry a little pillbox full of my meds everywhere I go.

I like this post. It makes me reflect on something I have greatly improved on.

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I need to recharge after being around people at work all day. On Fathers Day, me and my sisters drove up to see my parents. My family is very social, my sisters are almost extroverts and while I wouldn’t call my mom an extrovert, she is very comfortable socializing despite the facts that she was painfully shy as a teenager. Anyway, I can’t keep up with my mom, it mentally exhausts me.But I can keep up with my sisters. My mom knows this so when used to visit her I would talk to her until I got tired and then she would suggest I take a nap in the back bedroom. This was a routine. But Sunday, I got REALLY tired after a couple solid hours of talking and so I assumed it would be OK to lie down for 45 minutes or an hour. While my sisters objected. They said that they were tired to and wanted to take naps too but that they were going to force themselves to go on. Well, they were very persuasive and pressured me to keep going. So I stayed in the room with everybody all 5 hours and then there was the two hour drive home. My reward was that my sister commented how good it was that I pushed through the uncomfortableness and tiredness and stuck it out.

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Socializing is a necessary evil. I’m almost always uncomfortable doing it with anyone other than my fiancé.

I wish I were better at it but I find that I don’t relate to most people.

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I’m not always in the mood to talk to people. Usually when people put me on the spot I freeze up and cant get words out so I look like an idiot, then I feel embarrassed so I just want to run away. But if its easy then usually I am fine as long as I’m in a good mood.

i never talk to people, i have two neighbours over a kilometer away, i have spoken to one of them four times in three years and that was reluctantly…
take care

sounds like you are very introverted. Introverts on the far end of the spectrum get exhausted from interacting with others. Nothing wrong with that, thats just a personality trait. I am on the borderline between introvert and extrovert, lately I have been 60-40% with extroversion taking the lead. I notice that when I am around people I gain energy. I wasnt like that even 6 months ago. I used to get rather tired of people. Before schizophrenia I was quite extroverted. Now I am back to ENTJ, whilst psychotic and then earlier in recovery (which started less than a year ago) I was an INTJ.

I suggest caffeine the next time you have to drive two hours and talk for five hours. That sounds rather like torture. lol

I rarely feel like talking. Like my brain feels in turmoil a lot and I can barely think straight. It makes it hard to conversate and live much of a life. I always think there is something seriously wrong with me even when not having sz particular symptoms.

I shake a lot when I talk to people. It’s a side-effect too. I have a lot of anxiety when I talk to people whether I am in the mood or not. People notice I shake. What can I say?

It was kind of fun. After all, it was just family. Years ago I had a very active life; while I was schizophrenic. I had a social life.
I was working at Sears. It was an hour and a half bus ride each way. During the school year the bus was always packed with kids. No problems there. I was going to 5 or 6 AA, CA, and NA meetings a week and occasionally going to AA dances, picnics, or other events. I had a friend and we did stuff together. We went to movies, record stores, restaurants etc. On weekends I went to my sisters and hung around her friends and went places with her. I have never been outgoing but I had a normal life. That’s why on a prior thread I said I did not lose any sleep over missing out because of schizophrenia, because I was very active.

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Sometimes, I get moody and I don’t want to talk to anybody. It’s not all the time but sometimes.