Are you a slow,normal or quick thinker?

I am slow at processing and responding to information. If I try to think quickly I get flustered and make a lot more mistakes.

  • slow
  • normal
  • quick

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It really depends on what mood im in at the time

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In the morning after my coffee and my Latuda… I feel like I’m a quick thinker…

If I forget the Seroquel… I’m a really really quick thinker and my mind is on racing.

I’m usually in the middle when the meds are balanced.

I think quick on my feet most of the time, but when it comes to math I am slow (because I suck at it) and when it comes to science I am normal (because I am good at it but take my time)

But for the most part I am a fast thinker and am easily able to think outside the box, which is not always a good thing…serving e well in my current job tho :smile:

Slow to process information most of the time.

Very quick to jump to conclusions based loosely on real data.

So depends on the context. :expressionless:

I process information pretty slow too. I know a lot to make up for that, though my recall and memory are sort of shot now so that doesn’t help things. I recently watched a documentary about a famous inventor less known for his greatest work who claimed to be very slow at processing information himself and that he sometimes has to read something two or three times to get the gist of it.