Are you a similar person like me?

Are you uncomfortable to be with?
Do people feel bored when they are with you,because you had nothing much to say?

If your somewhat similar,maybe add me on Skype name: TX Gue(Malaysia)

I am interested in making email communication with new friends from across the world. But I prefer people similar age to mine. I am at my forties. You are much younger than me although we are both from Asian background which means English is our second language.

Anyway, I’d like to make new friends or to be a pen pal.


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Has anyone ever told you that you are boring or that they are uncomfortable around you?

A lot of people struggle with finding things to talk about and feeling uncomfortable in social situations. In reality an architect may not have much to talk about with say a fisherman.

Try not to be so hard on yourself. Small talk is not easy. I struggle with it as my world is mostly about my family and MI. I can’t even tell you which parliament party is currently in as it really doesn’t interest me.


I prefer to listen instead of talking when I’m with ppl I do not know. I feel like a retard from time to time. Mostly at work or at home sometimes. I can’t hear what ppl say to me. I hear screaming and talking. It’s like my brain disconnects my ears because of voices taking over. It’s hard to concentrate enough to listen to anyone for a long time. Writing is easier.


I used to be talkative because I had a wide range of interests and thought deeply about something. However since I started to take antipsychotics I experienced a poverty of thinking and memory so that my interests in this world plummeted. I have much less to say to people now. Despite this I struggled to keep some interests such as sports, fashion, history and literature. I tried it hard to make myself less boring.

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I think your right,nobody ever said I was boring or uncomfortable to be with but frankly I feel that I am myself,I feel maybe there are a lot of people similar to me,and I might change my personality or character to be more fun loving if I continue to work on it and not give in to hardship/illness

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I think I might be the exact opposite on this one. When I was in my negative swing, I went days with out saying more then three word.

But now, words spill out of my mouth like water. But that doesn’t mean they makes sense or have any value. There are days when I just end up as a motor mouth. So glad I have plants to talk to.


Ive gotta say no, I am not like that, but dude, that used to be me in a nutshell. Not only was I awkward and quiet, I was dangerous and people knew about me having violent or depraved episodes, like the time I assaulted my friends or the time I masturbated in a room full of my friends. I was drunk on both occasions. People did avoid me, now they dont, at least most people dont avoid me as much? Couple of my friends are pretty flaky, I think its because one of them saw me on too much caffeine one day and I kept making gay sex jokes while he and my other buddy were playing video games.

I used to be a drunk, sometimes a good gentleman drunk, other times a psychotic, belligerent or just grossly inappropriate drunk. When I was sober I was creepily quiet and didnt have a range of facial expressions.

Now I am all better and can even drink normally. I’ve been drunk once in the past year, and that was because it was a party and I didnt drive and was like “I havent been drunk in a long time, that means I deserve to get drunk tonight!” yeah that logic was sound, I had the worst hangover of my life the next day, no more than 2 drinks for me now.

I pretty much act like a hyperactive cartoon character about 1/3 to 1/2 of the time. I also talk about a ton of weird stuff. Not delusional scary stuff but non threatening weird. It helps me. I guess because it gets the weirdness out of my system or something so that when it’s time to be calm and attentive I have a much easier time doing that.

Have you ever read “How to Win Friends and Influence People” it isn’t how it sounds. It isn’t about manipulation but learning how to show and feel interested in other people and ask questions about them. I’m not saying you don’t do this, but it takes some thought and effort to do it to the extent he talks about. It has really helped me.

I don’t know if you are a guy or girl, so I will just give the girl stuff and general stuff because I don’t know much about guys.

You can always ask where she got something. Dress, handbag, whatever. It needs to be something you actually like or it doesn’t come off as well. Either because you aren’t showing the right facial expression or she might not particularly like it either. I don’t know. I think when guys do it it comes off as flirting.

Listen to what people are generally interested in and get into that. Family Guy was a particularly big deal when I started doing this and watching the show regularly gave me something to talk about that most people knew about. I actually like the show so that helped. I don’t mean fake an interest but try out the stuff that a lot of people are interested in. You might feel not as unique but it definitely gives you common ground.

Women like a guy who can play guitar (particularly acoustic if you aren’t in a band). I don’t really like acoustic guitar but I have seen a lot of women flock to it.

If you are a believer start going to church. Find one with a bunch of friendly “lets all be happy and get to know each other” people. You have to sit through a one hour sermon every Sunday, but they usually have a lot of activities you can join in and meet new people. Acoustic guitar is big there too from what I have seen. The people at the churches at least down here love to have sing alongs about Jesus.

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