Are you a nature person?

my favorite pass time is survival camping, i go out into the woods with a hatchet, a tarp, and a knife, maybe some fishing line and hooks if I am going to a place with lakes or other fishy waterways. I bring my dogs and we live off the land, sometimes for WEEKS at a time, just reconnecting with nature. There is nothing in this world like catching your dinner and sharing it with animals you love. Plus if I go to a certain place, there is a family of foxes that will come out and sleep in my tarp with me and the dogs. Its been going on since I went hermit four years ago and lived in that area, I go once a year to visit them. its almost time to go now, in May, so I can meet the new babies!

Of course I grew with my grandfather taking me on these trips, just the two of us, so its a sentimental thing too…

I’m, but now i have to look the nature up through a girl i dont want to marry, and it is sad.

Being out in nature is my escape from paranoia, and it helps me feel grounded to walk in the grass barefooted. I feel closest to God when I am by any body of water.
I pray for all of us suffering from this EVIL disease. Sometimes, I think this has happened to me for a reason, but I’m not sure why. I know that my life has been such a mess and the only peace I can find is from praying and surrendering to God.

I just wanted to say, “hello”. I am in the same boat…. trying to figure out where I want to live. I am narrowing it down by the best states for mental illness support. I live in Jacksonville FL and it is beautiful here with a lot of state parks. Good luck in your search.