Are you a mentally stronger or weaker person with meds

Are you stronger or weaker with antipsychotic?

I get pretty fragile when I go off my meds
You should do this as a poll

I don’t know how to make a poll…

Way more together so I’d say meds yes stronger. It comes at a cost though. It really does!


What is the cost of taking meds for you?

I am weaker with med or without. …!!!

Side effects. Weight. Way slower and miss all that manic energy. Sleep way too much!

But I’m more relaxed. No longer afraid. At peace with my mind. That is worth the price of admission.


I was messed up without the meds so, I’d say that I’m a stronger nicer person. I really hate myself for accusing my mom and my husband of the things I did off the meds.


I’m pretty happy and that is because I am stable. I take meds and will always take meds…I believe in them.

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Stronger with meds.

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I’m stronger but I have lack of energy and my negative simptoms are much worse with meds. I don’t know why but I’m much less productive with meds and unmotivated. I think meds are very important but find the right med is much important

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It depends on what you mean by “stronger”. I get substantially stronger physically when I’m off my med’s, but I’m also a hundred times more likely to end up in the hospital. I’m in far better contact with reality when I am on my med’s.

You have right I’m too physically stronger without meds but I risk to end up in hospital. I have more energy but the cost is too high

I was just thinking that. When I get off my med’s I risk losing my apartment and having my med’s changed to something that kills my imagination and is extremely unpleasant to take.

Much more stronger while on meds :pill:

It’s a hard work find a medication that work good for you, I took me four years to find one that work good for mè after 5 attempt I founded one I changed 2 pdoc. Was not an easy way because pdoc aren’t happy to change medication.


Definitely stronger on meds. Without them I struggle to function