Are you a girl or a boy? A little of both

An Indian (India Indian) taught me that in every man there is a spot of the woman and in every woman there is a spot of the man. Very wise words.

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Lol shiv Shakti - I think that’s what they mean


The enlightened mind is both masculine (thinking/moral/judging/conscious) and feminine (caring/feeling/passive/unconscious).

I can get behind that idea.

“He is restless like his mother…” “A mighty hunter like his father…” - Diotima

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Spirits say that when we’re all in tune that we’ll be very advanced because we have both the masculine and feminine.

Some are even jealous of this because they don’t have it.

As spirits you guys are the perfect fit to be honest. Lock and key, sun and moon.

I took the test and am told I am a 90% masculine woman. The personality traits are true of me. At my age, I don’t think I’ll lose any sleep over it.


that’s funny. I got 90% feminine =)

I got 90% masculine. I can live with that! :man_shrugging:t2:

I’m 90% feminine male.


90% masculine

Based on your color predilections, masculinity dominates in you.
You have an analytical mind, but you’re not afraid of heavy physical labor. You seem to believe that the whole world rests on your shoulders, and everything will collapse without you. Of course, you’re great, but try not only to help everyone but also to ask for help when you need it. It’s not that bad.

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90% masculine 10% feminine. Not quite sure what I think about that.
My description was the same as @Mountainman


boy = you can produce seeds

girl = you can support seeds

a little of both = I’d have to google…

It’s just a fun thing , doubt it means a lot

Yeah I don’t think it really means anything. I just find it interesting that it called me more of a man than a woman.

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I did the test!

It said I was 90% feminine.


I’m 50% boy and 50% girl: I can produce some seeds and support some seeds.

XD I like how you put that @sirBoring

I’m open minded, need at least 90% female, sorry dating is off the table :stuck_out_tongue:


updated rejection list:

lol lol

We’re not even close to achieving this picture, but that is the goal.