Are we narcissists?

Why is it my natural inclination to think everything is about me? Should I think like this? I know I’m not alone in this on here when I think people are talking about me sometimes. Is this narcissism?


Narcissism is classified under personality disorders.

Narcissistic PD is a life-long pattern of exaggerated feelings of self-importance, an excessive craving for admiration, and a diminished ability to empathize with others’ feelings.

My sister has this and we do not have any relationship with her nor do I want one.

  • I can see why you asked this question. But for you I would say no, from what you described.

I believe there are some who can have both SZ and NPD.


Maybe I have that. It’s difficult for me to empathize sometimes and I tend to make everything about me in my head. I think to have the truman delusion you have to be somewhat of a narcissist. I want the truth, though, even if that means that I am completely insignificant and nothing is about me at all.


Narcissists are expert manipulators and users, even abusers. They tend to hurt people. I know this is generalization. But I know one very well.

Do you intentially knowingly manipulate and not care if you hurt people for your own ego? Sorry I’m really simplifying this.


I changed my name for several years and chose Narcissus as my middle name. It seemed to fit me. But, to please the family, I changed it back to the original.

No I wouldn’t do that. That sounds horrible.

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I know others who have narcissistic parents or family members, and they ruin peoples lives. They have grandiosity, egomania, devaluate and objectifying others, feel specialness and entitlement.

This is my anecdotal experience with people with NPD.
The thing is - they usually don’t seek treatment too which makes it so much worst.

You have a thought disorder - with a delusion that makes things revolve around you. Doesn’t sound like you go manipulating others for your own self worth.

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I just wish the delusions would stop. It would honestly be a relief if nobody knew me. To be nobody would be amazing. I probably already am and it’s just the delusion thinking that anybody knows me. It helps me when people here tell me they don’t know me. I just need to know that my life isn’t a lie.


Yeah - I understand that. Like as a paranoid SZ - I feel constantly targeted and in danger that people are after me. Its part of the illness. So at one point I thought - wow am I narcissistic too.

But no - I don’t know much about you. Except you’re on here and have SZ. Hope that helps you feel better.


Thanks. I’m heading to work in a slightly disturbed state, but I feel a little better now.

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No. Its just fight or flight response being overly vigilant.

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But in order to have a fully formed truman delusion, some part of you has to think the world was created just for you. You start to distrust everybody especially the ones that love you the most and who are willing to put up with your madness. There’s a narcissism and lack of empathy there. There has to be

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Maybe it is a self-protection mechanism, as I can find myself in such narrative often when all my resources are depleted from either taking or giving too much and not receiving much back, is when it starts to kick in. A healthy strong ego, but not narcissism

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Not necessarily. I mean delusions or hallucinations can tell you a lot of things. They may appeal to a persons pride etc but that doesnt mean theyre more proud than everyone else. They just have a tougher struggle against it because of the voices.

Constantly struggling against those temptations would actually in many ways help them grow in those areas, making them quite resistant to proud or narcissistic thoughts which may actually mean people who struggle with this are actually quite humble under normal circumstances.

Mental illness is not somehow proof of a bad person. They have a tougher battle than the average person so you cant compare people in different situations.

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Narcissism is a very particular personality disorder.

I think throwing the word narcissism around to describe you or someone else is fine because we/they are focused on yourself. But narcissism as a disorder is completely different. Its a pattern of behavior and more.

Its like people liking things in its place describing themselves as so OCD. But OCD as a disorder is a very different thing.

Not really. Schizophrenia is an Axis 1 thought disorder characterized by psychosis. Narcissism is an Axis 2 Cluster B personality trait. It is possible to have one, the other one, both or neither.

Yeah maybe we’re just crazy and we’re not narcissists. I feel like it is easier to address grandiose views of self than it is to address perception of reality itself. If we have a problem perceiving reality then it becomes really hard to fix that. I’m not sure what i’m supposed to do

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Theres narcissism as a personality disorder then theres just being self centred.

Yeah i think that’s what i have

Most narcissists have no idea that they are. It wouldnt even be a question for them.