Are the voices ever positive?

I have a voice that calls my name, but I’ve never experienced anything else. If you hear voices, do they ever say positive things to you. Like, “hey you look really nice today.” Anything like that? Or is it always negative?

bad means good
good means bad.

always opposite way

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My thought like voices only say nonsense gibberish and call me a whore. When I was in college they used to talk about papers and things like that, now that my dose was upped I no longer hear them. Yay for me.

Good luck @Anxiety_Orange


The voices became more positive after I started taking antidepressants but they are not that way all the time. It’s a mix now.

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I have very kind voices who are my “helpers.” However they are not typical voices and my therapist believes they more developed due to my PTSD and needing some sort of support system when I had none, rather than them being a symptom of my psychosis.

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