APs shrinking the brain

As with any treatment, there are unwanted consequences

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Well, i slowly ceased my medication. I never was violent,aggressive or abusive. Maybe my views on life are different to theological political philosophical views, but that is no reason to take medication. I take APs for over 10 years and a notice a strong disinterest to perform my basic life.

I fear I am at that stage at the moment.

If I follow that path, I will financially ruin myself.

The benefits I am on won’t cover all my bills

My parents seem to think I can still afford to go places and buy coffees etc, but it’s only a matter of time before the money runs out


My brain is the correct size for my age.

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The medication and treatment from mental health, take my chances to earn my own money, or getting a paid job away. Its no point whinging about it, i need to do something. The APs work from the inside out and not from the outside in.

It’s a google search. I think it’s commonly reported there’s grey matter loss but I’m not sure it’s the meds or the disorder itself. There’s so much we don’t know about the workings of the brain and it’s interactions with meds.

Seriously. Talk to your doctor if you have concerns. My doc is pretty good. Keeps up to date with new meds and treatments and is good at sharing what is happening.

Just take certain things you see on the net with a grain of salt. People pay to get to the top of search engines and it’s common practice with some.


It might have been this, but I was told by my old pdoc that something along these lines gets worse the more times you have psychosis

Suppose in that was it can be degenerative

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I think there’s other things that can impact brain too in similar ways. Chronic alcohol abuse comes to mind. I’d be wary of such findings and we are a pro meds website simply because it works for most. There’s lots of rubbish and people who don’t have to deal with positive symptoms telling you to stop them…I think that is a serious problem.

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Anyway, when the accusations already start, who advice what and doesn’t i suggest you close the thread @rogueone.

It took me many years to have confidence in medication - between the terrible experience I had with side effects on Olanzapine.

My main problem has been engagement with mental health services.

After I was diagnosed I kicked them out of my home and had no contact for 2 years.

Luckily they don’t take me off the books straight away now when I am having a meltdown over this that or the other

Google search engine lead me to get a finger in my arse,
I thought I had haemorrhoids
And went to doc and the doc said many go with google and get medicated as well,
without consultation.
The doc said it was just a fissure.

As long as I hear voices I’ll be taking meds.

If they ever go away I will consider my options.

I think its different from individual to individual. Sz can’t be generalised like depression or diabetes. I just shared what i found. I thought some might be interested what is commonly known (thought) about APs.

Atrophy that people are attributing to APs may actually be the result of being to sendentary (which can be caused in part by APs).

Something as simple as walking for half an hour each day could keep your noodle its proper size.


Basic life interests for me are curiosity, socialising, productivity etc…

I think when it boils down to it there’s other things that do the same thing. I’m no expert but it pays to consult medical professionals. I’d trust my doctor over most things I read simply because they are in the field and are in touch with the current research. I know there’s a difference in doctors for sure but it’s first point of call for me.

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I seen many doctors in my life with sz for over 30 years. (Some wouldn’t know if their ass is on fire)

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Yeah it can be hit or miss depending on your medical system. I got lucky and had two good ones. One here I ran into early in their career and he’s bulk billed me since. And. Got another good one in the States simply because I had good medical insurance in a crappy retail job…well it was the best job I ever had…but still. You listen to the good ones.

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@Jeffmcguire . For most of us here it’s not a choice. Please don’t try and derail a thread for your own amusement.

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