Appointment with psychiatrist went well

My GP had sent my consultant a letter telling him of my problems with anxiety. Therefore we had a great appointment getting to the bottom of this.

He concluded my acute psychosis led to the anxiety - and it was the subsequent anxiety that was most disabling feature of the illness. Because I am on gabapentin, buspar and Prozac treatment options are limited.

I informed him I am working really hard on non-pharmacological coping strategies. And that I turn to these first when things get bad. But on average around 4-5 days a month are just terrible.

My CPN was there who explained I had a referral for cbt but this might take a few months.

The long and short of it is there will be an option of contacting my CPN if things get real bad and they will liaise with my consultant to get a script for literally 2 klonopin. And I will be limited to once possibly twice a month. My doc was clear that if it even vaguely appeared I was getting in the habit of just taking the klonopin he would stop it immediately.

I am quite happy with this. Is reassuring to know I can get an emergency benzo if I need it however I will not routinely have them in my medicine cupboard.


I think I’m finally free of benzos. They served a purpose, but I struggled for 6 months trying to come off them.

What you’ve got sounds like a sensible arrangement.


Good news, sounds like a solid recovery plan. No reason to be nervous after all right? :slight_smile:

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No it went well thanks. Ever so slightly nervous that my CPN stayed in the room with the consultant when the appointment was over and I left. Do you think they will be talking about me?

I mean I am sure they will be discussing my case but they will be not slagging me right?

No I am sure it will be fine. They are both professionals. Just my insecurities talking :nerd_face:


Oh I’m sure they weren’t. Why would they?

I was finally able to bring the cat home :slight_smile: Thank god for benzos.
The carrier opened in the car, I was strong enough to hold him, but he was so pissed, if it wasn’t for the benzo it would have been terrible.

All is well that ends well!

Whenever I came back with my cat, Ginga, from the vet he would go off sulking for a day or two. Had to win him over again with treats and cuddles!

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Oh man, now he has to settle down, and in a week or so there’s another cat coming. Poor Picci, all these revolutions in his life.

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Sure he will be fine. Is he a house cat or does he go outside?

If he goes outside you can put butter on his feet so he can smell his way back to your new house.


Oh no, he’s an indoors cat. He’s too afraid of the outdoors. Afraid of other people. Afraid of balconies, and if one of us is in a balcony he warns us that it’s not safe, meawing until we come back inside. We have no balconies in this apartment.

That tip would be good for the other cat I had that was more of an outdoors cat. I wish I’d known that trick.