Applied to 10 jobs and no one interviewed me

I’m so discouraged. I’ve applied to 10 jobs since April 1st and no one has interviewed me yet. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.


Hang in there. It’s a really tough market over here at the moment. Goes for accomodation, jobs and a lot of other things. I know it’s hard but be confident and just do the basics. Listen well in interviews. Be friendly but respecful and humble.

Not that I work anymore being on a pension but in your applications you can be selective. Have answers to why you may have had periods off. Looking after a family member etc… Just might get a foot in the door to an interview. If I was trying for a job again I’d certainly do these sorts of things.

Tomorrow is a new day so have some faith and keep trying.

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There are a lot of candidates out there.

Don’t be discouraged

I know it feels bad when you read up a job advert and think it fits well

Really companies should get back to people, but they just don’t these days

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They don’t deserve you. :blush::blush::blush:

Maybe get some help with your cv

I just got an interview next Monday!!


Good job. Not getting interviews is pretty normal. I heard of people applying for 50 jobs and not getting a interview. Good luck on monday!

I apply for hundreds of jobs. Had a pretty good interview with the FAA last week. But I didn’t use up near the time they allowed. Haven’t heard back yet.

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