I didn't get the jobs I interviewed for last week

Pretty down about it, and not working at the moment. But I will take my time to find the right role for me.


You will find a way


Sorry you are having this problem @ish. I think if you keep trying, you will find a nice job.

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Maybe take a break of applying for jobs to recharge your batteries and then give it a new go.


You’ll find a job; you always do.


Agencies are contacting me about potential full-time roles, but I have to stick to looking for part-time… I think not a lot of that available right now.

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It’s natural to feel a bit down, but don’t let it get to you. In 2019 I was turned down by at least 10 employers and ghosted by many more, before landing a job. I only lasted a little over 1 year, but the pay was good and they didn’t overwork me.

I also want part-time now. Or full-time in a very low stress job.

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Be at peace, people want you, they just don’t recognise, you want it and ready to give all out. Its just the stress they may notice.

I tried in dozens of times,
I wanted a job and I did not find one.
But, when I accompanied my cousin, I cleared the interview.
Its just the stress.
The right words doesn’t flow.
Just attend an interview just for the sake of it and be casual in mind.
Don’t worry if you want a job or not.
Just attend, don’t force yourself to get the job.
It may work next time.
Two jobs which I worked in a corporate company was attending an interview with someone.
Once was with cousin and other was with a friend from my previous company.

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Just hang in there. It’s good you know what you can handle. Best of luck on your search :slight_smile:

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