Applied for more hospital jobs

I just applied to two hospital job postings, both part-time, both laboratory work. Neither of them require any sort of certification, no phlebotomy involved, so I think I would have a real shot at both. I want those hospital benefits. Fingers crossed.

I hadn’t applied to any jobs this week, and when I opened my mail today from my state’s unemployment agency it said that in my weekly filing, the first of which is tomorrow, I have to list two jobs I’ve applied to in the past week. I’m glad I read that mail today, so I could get two job apps in. I don’t even really know yet if I’m approved for unemployment compensation.


Good luck!

I hope you get the hospital job,

The benefits would be sweet.


Good luck you can do this what kind of jobs are they ? Data entry?

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No, lab work, handling samples and such, though I imagine there would be some sort of data entry involved with it as well.

I was just asking as I got a job in a lab but I haven’t started yet as im going through checks …it’s basically data entry

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Hi freakonaleash. I did not follow your posts for a long time. I think last year or last two year you were applying for job at pharmacy. How did the job turn out?
You need to deal with customers at pharmacy but laboratory work does not require you to serve customers- Will that be an advantage for you?

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Hi @Norlane, did you used to have a different name on here? Yes, last summer I started work as an inpatient pharmacy tech at a hospital, but that was a terrible job for me, failed miserably. I’ve been through a few jobs since, mostly side jobs; I consider my main job to be teaching, even if it is part-time.

Edit: I can handle working with patients, if needed, have plenty of customer service experience.

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Thank you for the update. I used to carry the name Plumber here. Since you have many temporary or part-time jobs, I don’t think you should include them in your resume. Do you prepare your resume by listing out every side jobs?

No, I just included teaching and my recent gas station job (Dec '17-April '18).

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Good luck to your new job application!

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Good luck @freakonaleash!

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