I'm still paying for last year's mistake


The mistake was leaving the retail pharmacy to try inpatient pharmacy at a hospital. Granted, the retail pharmacy could be very stressful at times, and I had no way of knowing I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the hospital pharmacy job, didn’t realize how fast-paced it is, but it still was a big mistake.

Other than the teaching job I returned to last January, I haven’t been able to make any job work out since.

Well, I was fine with working full-time on midnights at the gas station, until it closed for remodeling five months into working there; I had no control over that.

And yeah, I lost my most recent side job in favor of a tech who was willing to work eight hours without a lunch or breaks, but I can’t help but think I screwed myself over when I took a chance on hospital work last year.

Here I am now, yet again looking for a side job. Ugh.


You tried something. It didn’t work. It’s still impressive that you took the chance. I hope you find a job that works well for you soon. You’re a very smart guy, and I’m sure something will open up.


yeah you took a chance, it did not work out.

I hope you find something better soon. I did the same mistake you did. Quit a great job for another, got fired and never went to work again. I realize I no longer have the physical capability at this point.

I get tired quickly, have side effects, slow thinking. I need to adjust my life according to my capabilities.

Hope things work out for the best.


They say “nothing ventured, nothing gained”. Sometimes things happen for a reason, i believe. Hope you end up finding something even better. Good luck, man.


I’m sorry it didn’t work out well for you. But I’m sure you’ll find something else. It can’t possibly be the end for you.


Atleast u trying.

So many people just sit on their arses and make excuses


You tried and that’s all that matters, I wish I could have all the money for the silly things I tried