Apologies for Earlier Post


I was having a difficult night. My friend’s 21st birthday and then we got drunk, and my gay friend brought up traumatic memories about his uncle and our dead friend and things just got a bit much for me. He was saying things like my hospitalization was false etc.

I am doing fine otherwise. I’m also frustrated because my new psychiatrist canceled on me, and yet I can’t cancel appointments when I can’t even get my car doors open because their iced over. It’s summer now, and I should be able to make appointments but I have to wait another month.

I just want to be successful and I don’t feel like I can accomplish my dreams.


No apologies necessary - We have all been there


i hope that you are feeling bettter, we all have rubbish days.
take care


We all have are good and bad days. Take care and think positive


Thanks guys for the support and understanding. I’m getting better and taking it easy. I am gonna try to apply for jobs too.


Just a thought.

You’ve got the talent. Most of all, you’ve got the writing bug.


Haha yes!! Awesome I’m checking it out.


Good luck friend,this site got lots of helpful people including me