AP Injection possible 1 inch near elbow?

I visited my parents again since I was in depression . I see a mark about 6 inches above my elbow on my right hand. Can Antipsychotic injection be injected near the Elbow ?.

I’m not sure I understand the placement. 6" above the elbow would make it in your shoulder, which seems like a normal intramuscular spot for injection. But if its in your right hand that seems odd, unless it was some sort of IV injection.

actually it is more like 1 inch above my elbow.

If you have no evidence for it being injected to you, like a memory of it, or a video, don’t believe it. It’s a delusion. It will just stress you out worrying about it.

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Hi PP, i did not sleep the last night and i was drowsy when i met them. Yes I dont remember seeing a needle although I do remember my mom touching my hand .

That’s not good enough proof. It’s a motherly gesture most likely.

Again if you have no (reliable) evidence for your suspicion, don’t believe it.

And get sufficient sleep. Stress can trigger psychotic fits.

Your mom cannot inject you.

OK the location is about 1 inch near the right Elbow.

Can any antipsychotic be injected in that location?

If it was injected (and there is no compelling evidence that you were - so I wouldn’t waste your time thinking about it) it would not be effective and would not get into your brain where you might benefit from it.

In summary - it sounds like you’re being delusional. I recommend you go see a doctor and get treatment. It sounds like you have at least a paranoid thought disorder.

I spoke to a psychiatrist…He said LAI injection is generally injected in Deltoid or in buttocks or in thighs but it can also be injected in the location I mentioned. So there is a possibility . The thing is though I was drowsy I was awake and I did not see any injection or felt any injection being inserted but there is a mark and slight pain in my elbow.

i dont know…

Still losing memories…

unable to think through…

Tommorow its going to be 7 days…will the medicine last for another 7 days if injected?.

This is a delusion. You need to restart your meds.

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It’s like, we take meds so we don’t have delusions. Meanwhile Suarav is delusional about being forced to take meds, when if he just took meds his delusions would be helped.