Anyone's families in denial they are ill

Im creating this thread as a companion thread to the “do ur parents think ur possesed forum”. But are any of ur parents or relatives in denial something is wrong with u. Mine are in a way. They still look at me as that same kid with a bright future. “Their little baby” as mothers like to say and im not that anymore. They always say that nothings wrong with me and i still have as much potential as ive always had. But they’re just in denial about the whole thing. Like they can’t accept these past 4 years

Oh yes. They couldn’t even accept my trichotilliomania when I was eight. As for this? It is pray and don’t make trouble. I guess they just don’t know what is wrong. I tell them straight out about delusions and hallucinations and they get worried that I am dangerous–i’m not :confused:

I it is a defense mechanism for them. Parents fear being responsible for causing us harm. My parents are certainly not responsible but still think that they are and have guilt.

I wish you luck with your own.

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My mom thought I had a rough patch and went through some bad things but pulled myself up by my bootstraps or whatever and all that’s over now. I think she kind of had to tell herself that so as not to be paralyzed by fear.

She’s come a long way in understanding and being an ally, but it wasn’t the easiest getting here.

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my family flat out sucks, they understand i am ill, but seem to think alternately (sometimes one thing sometimes another) that i am either milking it and making ti seem worse than it is, or that i am not being responsible about and tat i should give up any attempts of a normal life and admit myself forever…

best thing for it is to keep on trucking

but n your case? your family half right, you DO still have some serious potential, all you have to do is overcome your setbacks. I thought for the longest time i would end up homeless again and one of those guys who sits in the corner of a McDs with the same coffee cup talking to people who aren’t there. Now i work full time and am raising kids.

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My Father and Brother both like to downplay my condition and symptoms.

They feel that I can control my symptoms like paranoia any time I want.

Sugar coating my illness makes things worse for me.

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My younger brother thought I was putting it on! I’d like to say to him I wouldn’t wish where I’ve been on anyone!

My older brother thinks I have bipolar and I don’t really talk to him about my illness! He has it in his head that I’m back to the way I was before I became ill. I prefer to think of myself as a different person now…

God knows what my mum thinks, I think she’s happy despite my illness I’ve turned out OK.

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