Anyone wonder if there's a connection with the MBTI types and Psychosis?

I scored as INTJ on mine a few times and I just wondered if anyone else ever did this test just for curiosity’s sake.
I mean I got a bit emotional during the time my condition progressed, due to all the anxiety I had. However, that didn’t stop me from trying to rationalize and think through things, though it did make it difficult at times!

I would think most research on the connection between psychosis and personality focuses on the scientifically sound personality tests, like the NEO PI-R. The MBTI was made by two people who had almost no knowledge about personality psychology or test psychology. You can find connections almost anywhere, but with a bad test, it’s not going to tell you much.

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I’m an ENFJ. We are almost exact opposites!

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I am ISTJ according to the site I just used to take the test. It’s an interesting concept and I read about my type on wikipedia which describes me fairly well.

I’m ISFP and paranoid schizophrenic… I dont know about psychosis but I wonder if there;s a connection between MBTI types and personality disorders…