Anyone without voices here?

there are other symptoms than just hallucinations. i have auditory hallucinations but now on meds they are mostly gone. some people have no hallucinations tho even during a psychotic episode and are sz

I’ve never heard voices.

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Delusions without the hallucinations?

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Voice hearing is common it doesn’t mean your schizophrenic although sometimes it does. Voices are a response to trauma I think

I don’t understand how someone could be psychotic without hearing voices


When I’m on the right meds, I don’t hear voices or have any other psychosis. But when I’m not on meds, I get the whole gamut: auditory, visual, olfactory, tactile and gustatory hallucinations, all types of delusions, illusions, thought insertions, thought broadcasting and telepathy.


yeah, that sounds more like psychosis than how it is being said.

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I have never heard voices either.

Only a couple of voices a weak now which I am thankful for.

The men who follow me talk to me when they’re around. Otherwise I don’t hear any voices. I don’t think the men are hallucinations though

Delusions yes, voices no.

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I don’t have voices, but I get very loud and very intrusive thoughts.

I have the same, no voices but like external thoughts that goes in to a dialogue with my normal thoughts.
I was messed up yesterday, by this annoying dialogue. It criticizes me and always about negative things.

You can still be delusional without voices like extremely paranoid about irrational things.

Yea makes sense

But is that more extreme anxiety though

Tbh that is what I want to know too. Im not sure that I have heard voices but what I do know is that. my paranoia spiraled out of control when I thought one of my neighbors were spying on me and drilling my walls to listen in but then again I’m not sure if I had heard voices or not so who knows

You would know if your hearing voices, they are really really really real sounding

They convince rational sceptical people of crazy things, they are really convincing.

I myself heard serious voices from 08/17 to 01/19 I still get ownie my faint voice nowadays but I can’t really hear him

I don’t hear voice. If i go off meds, I will have delusion and a slightly or moderate headache.

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Lately I’ve been hearing voices again when I’m waking up, or rather it wakes me up. It only happens in the mornings.

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