Anyone wanna chat?

im up for a chat if anyone wants to talk


That depends what you want to talk about. I’m better as some topics than others.

I know a lot about this forum for example, but might not be as interested in talking about the quality of womens handbags. :laughing:

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lol. how are you doing today?

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I’m ok. I woke up not too incredibly long ago. Maybe an hour and a half. I plan on trying to get back to sleep within a half hour or so. It’s 2:15 am here.

How are you? Hows your handbag holding up?

lol im okay. i just have a cheap handbag. nothing fancy. i woke up 6 hours ago and will sleep in a few more hours

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Nice. I see you a lot asking if people want to chat lately. You are not a member that sticks out in my mind much , though. Maybe we could try figuring out an Avatar/Profile picture for you instead of just having an “R” in a circle? It helps people to remember who you are when your posting a bit.

Idk. Not sure what else to do or talk about.

idk what avatar to use
n yes i freaking love chatting

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well, some people use a pet. some people use a picture of themselves. What do you like or like to do? Maybe we could start there. AI makes it easy to make a relevant picture.

If you want to try it , that is.

Otherwise, we can pick a topic to chat about.

how long have you had schiophrenia for

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I was diagnosed at like 42, I think. My first psychosis started around 40 or 41 though, i think. Although, I probably had some symptoms before that. I just never went ‘all in’.

I am 51 right now. So 9 to 11 years, depending on what qualifies as “having schizophrenia”.

How about you?

about 10 years. i was always schizo i just didnt realize it. i suffer alot

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My life is not always ideal. But I try to enjoy it as much as I can. I think the key is getting stable, accepting what you have, and trying to move on from there.

As I said, I did not get it full blown until late in life, so it kind of upset everything. Lost or quit all jobs, had to sell my house, move back in with parents, get on SSDI, etc.

So my life has drastically changed from 15 years ago. I kind of feel that at 51, starting from scratch with my health problems and shizophrenia, might not be worth the effort(if I could even do it. Sleep schedule would make it hard for one.). So I just plan on renting at parents until they are gone… At that time I will probably get a part time job to supplement SSDI and just enjoy the rest of my life as much as I can.

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thats good. seems like you have a can do attitude

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I used to. I was a hard worker for a lot of years. I guess I sort of do now…more positive than many anyway.

What about you? Do you work? Have you worked? What do you do with your time?

i currently dont work and its too sticky of a situation to talk about in public. i dont really like chatting in public

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I see. Well, I will probably be trying for sleep soon anyway so I dont think I want to really start the PM thing, but it was good talking to you @misssad .

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anyone wanna talk

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I’ll talk! 1515

whats 15 15? im not sure

You have to have 15 characters to post it’s a way to use characters