Anyone use a Waterpik or electric toothbrush?

Does anyone use either a Waterpik-type flosser or an electric toothbrush?

I’m on the verge of buying a combo Waterpik. Are they any good or worth the expense?


I don’t, but I have a friend that was obsessed with his water pick. He raved about it all the time.


Maybe I’m just manic and am going on a spending spree for stuff I don’t really need.

I have a Waterpik and an electric toothbrush (Oral-B). My dentist made it very clear that the Waterpik was not a substitute for flossing. My tremors make it difficult for me to floss, though, so I use these instead. They work well and are easier for me to manipulate. I prefer an electric toothbrush by far. I feel much cleaner with it. The last time I went in for a cleaning, the hygienist actually went up front to check the date when I’d had my previous cleaning because he didn’t believe it had been a whole six months since my last cleaning because my teeth were so nice.


I have a waterpik, hardly used it. I found it too powerful for my sensitive teeth. Don’t have an electric toothbrush but do use a battery operated one. I have hear electric toothbrushes are better.

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I used to use a AA battery powered toothbrush but went back to a manual because I had to change batteries and brush head all the time. Very cumbersome but the electric toothbrush was better at cleaning my teeth than doing it manually.

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I use a philips sonicare that was about $40.

The heads are the expensive part as they sell for $27 for a 3 pack. Each head lasts 3 months though.

I would never go back to a manual brush or a cheap $5 AA battery powered toothbrush.

Money well spent IMO. Dental work is $$$

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I used an electric toothbrush for the past 4 years.

When I saw my dentist to clean my teeth last month, she told me my gums are swollen, they are bleeding because I am not taking good care of them. I switched back to my regular brush, I like it much better.

The electric brush, you have to just hold it on top of each tooth so it cleans it. While you are free to brush your teeth the way you like with a regular toothbrush. I like it a lot better.

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I don’t even know what a waterpik is. I use a normal toothbrush, but I only brush my teeth like once a week.

Omg …:tractor:⛟:taxi::oncoming_taxi::truck::rotating_light::vertical_traffic_light::ship::airplane::small_airplane:

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Haha, far_cry0 :grin: I rang about going to the dentist today @Skims . Maybe I’ll be able to get an appointment in a couple of months through the government services. It’s really boring brushing my teeth and I usually forget.

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You might be headed for trouble down the road. Expensive trouble.

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Ahh… it probably would be free for me, due to the medicare card and pension card I have. I don’t know about where you live. I don’t give a damn about brushing my teeth. I used to brush my teeth religiously and floss them everyday, and I still had to get fillings!!! It doesn’t work! My teeth are no worse now than they were then.

I don’t need your friggin advice, mate!!! @77nick77

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That’s partly what there forums are for. Just trying to help, no need to be rude. Mate…

Your teeth are going to fall out…

Sies lol

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Most people think you have to brush your teeth. You don’t think I know that!!! Man you are rude to me. You get the same back!

Hey South African guy. We have to unite! Southern hemisphere!!

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