Toothbrush poll

How often do you get a new toothbrush

  • three months
  • six months
  • one year
  • never
  • I don’t use a toothbrush
  • none ya business

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I have a lifetime supply of the kind of toothbrush I prefer. I could change every three months, but it doesn’t need it. 6 months is fine.

my ex really should change his every 3 months. He’s so rough on his brushes.

I replace the head on my Sonicare every 3 months, maybe every 4 if I forget.

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I use an electric toothbrush. The heads come in packs of four so one pack lasts me a year


You can have all kinds of fun with dentures and a leaf blower.

Just sayin’.

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I have no teeth


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Use an electric and it’s great. Supposed to change every 3 months or so and have only just changed them. My teeth have been so much better since getting an electric.