Anyone use a cpap or bipap machine for sleep apnea?

I finally got diagnosed with sleep apnea and have been using a bipap machine for 4 nights so far.

I get a lot more rem sleep and seem to handle stress better but still want to sleep for 12 hrs.

now I am waking up with terrible back pain between my shoulders and probably have to see a chiropractor, it seems to have started since I started using the machine.

It took a little while to relax and sleep with the CPAP machine. Quite possibly what your experiencing is from “sleeping wrong” with the mask and it will work itself out on its own.

That is exactly what I thought.

I am afraid to move and turn over as I normally was, because i thought the hose would pull the machine and drop it or ruin it or something.

I have been using a an apap machine since 2005. One thing that I would recommend is a hose suspension system, you can buy them for like $30 from You just slide the base of the stand between your bed and box spring, and they hold the hose up from your machine than down to your mask.

Thanks I will look into that

If you have any problems with your bipap therapy go here There are a lot of people there that can help you with any problem.