Muscle tension, akathesia and dyskinesia

Anyone have a solution for muscle tension. I have akathesia and dyskinesia as side effects to my Ap(just switched from invega to caplyta fully it was a 4 month process) but i have medications that I take for them. I still have a decent amount of both even with medications. I just never seem to be able to relax. Could the invega half life still be bothering me? Any advice?

You could try high dose vitamin E for dyskinea.

Although not proven to help some studies indicate that it possibly can help some people.

Vitamin E for antipsychotic‐induced tardive dyskinesia - PMC (

Key results

Vitamin E may protect against tardive dyskinesia. However, there is no clear evidence that vitamin E improves this problematic and disfiguring condition.

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My experience with akathisia came from taking Latuda and I suffered over a year because I didn’t know what I was going through was caused by the meds. When I got off I realized I suffered unnecessarily. The ap I’m on now zyprexa doesn’t cause it in my case. I’m only on half the dose of zyprexa I was on originally, 10 mg. It is paired up with another ingredient that suppresses appetite in a drug packaged as Lybalvi. There is no generic yet for lybalvi. I had unbeknownst to myself been planting seeds for my pdoc to inform me of the drug when I spoke of how effective zyprexa is but that the side effects are so terrible. My sleepiness is probably just that of a normal man now too. That was the second big side effect of zyprexa I’d had and now I am on half that dosage, I think, because of age, it’s better.

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Very interesting thanks for the link too

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Thats interesting that they gave you something for the hunger zyprexa causes. I did gain alot of weight on it. I like the caplyta overall for now.

I had Akathisia only once. Lasted several hours when I started Geodon. Now, Geodon works great for me. I was thinking that if Akathisia was re-occuring, I would go back to the starter dose of 40mg daily instead of 80mg daily. And then, if Akathisia re-occured, I would stop taking it and wait to contact pdoc. If you keep getting Akathisia, you should probably either lower the dose or stop taking the medication that is causing the Akathisia. I don’t think it’s worth it to take a med that constantly caused Akathisia; Akathisia is mighty unpleasant.

The muscle tension and dyskinesia. If it’s severe, I would go to a medical center right away. And probably, stop taking the med causing those side effects. If it’s minor, well, I guess it’s up to you. If those things happened to me, I would probably stop taking the med altogether. The benefits of meds are supposed to outweigh the costs … by a lot. Otherwise, I don’t think it’s worth suffering certain side effects.

What medication do you take to handle side effects? My doc prescribed Cogentin just in case. But I haven’t used Cogentin yet, so I don’t know how it works. If you’re still having bad side effects even then, may want to stop taking meds altogether and contact your doctor.

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Cogentin is one of the medications im given for akathisia. I unfortunately cant go unmedicated or i fall into deep psychosis and as such i need the highest dose of the medication. I appreciate your advice though.

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