Anyone try Seroquel and Abilify together?

Recently went to a new doctor, haven’t been on meds in 5 years. I have SZA depressive type and have taken Seroquel in the past with no problems. I have also taken abilify but only for about a week and both pills by themselves only. She said the Abilify was for mood stabilizing but it is classified as an antipsychotic. Are these ever prescribed together? Anyone have any thoughts on these meds together?

I took seroquel with abilify seroquel didn’t do much except pull me out of manic episodes it did nothing for my psychosis

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It’s been a very good combination for me

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I’ve taken Seroquel before with good results pulling me out of psychosis so I’m not worried about that. Just was kinda confused about the Abilify being prescribed for a mood stabilizer for my depression since it is classified as a antipsychotic.

Thank you for letting me know!

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Never heard of a combo like this

Got massive twitches in my ass from seroquel and blinkers from abilify. Wild combo

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Yea I haven’t either, my last doctor had me on Seroquel for a long time and then wanted to switch me to Abilify because he said I was doing better and didn’t need something that strong. I haven’t heard of them being used together though.

Yea its a strange combo.

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I used to get those prescribed together in South Korea. I didn’t know it was an unusual combo.


It’s only unusual in regards to the fact they are both antipsychotics. To my understanding usually a antipsychotic and a mood stabilizer are prescribed for SZA but my doctor said the Abilify would help with depression.

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I was on both until the Abilify was stable in my system (roughly 2 weeks). It didn’t have any adverse affects for me other than maybe I was little more sleepy than usual. I was on 300mg Seroquel with the Abilify Injection.