Anyone tried tDCS therapy?

Its basically a device that runs a current of 1-2 volts through your head. I just got my own machine and finished my first session 1 hour ago and I feel amazing. I feel happier and sharper with loads of energy. It’s too soon to tell if its all in my head or if the machine is really working though. so who hear has tried it?

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is it an implant

Did u get it in hospital or U bought it…!!!

I bought it, there’s plenty of sites that sells them.

No, its not an implant. Just a tiny device that used 9 volt batteries that send 2 volts through to a sponge you place one your head. Using the right montage (placement) has been shown in a lot of studies to have many benefit.

I recommend people read up on it before you dive into it - its still very early in the research, and there is a lot we don’t know. See these stories:


and much more here on our site:


My friend @Andrey has used it…??
let’s wait for him for final comment on tdcs… :alien::pray::+1:


Yes I’ve tried tDCS about 4 months ago. I suffer from strong negative symptoms and some German researchers claim it can be used to alleviate such symptoms. Unfortunately in my case I didn’t notice an improvement after 10 sessions, so I stopped. I understand that some people feel benefits after using it just once. My story was different though. If it works for you, thumbs up and keep using it!

thanks for sharing your experience!

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how long have U tried???..may be couple of week …i meant u should have tried lil longer…