Anyone tried taking probiotic and dietary fiber for weight loss?

There’s a recent study that show that you can lose weight gained from antipsychotic using this combo, did anyone try this combination before?


I’m taking a fiber supplement (metamucil) to help control my hunger. So, far my weight is stable.

Once in a while, I eat probiotic yogurt. I notice I don’t feel as hungry as I did before.

I take both for diverticular disease. Haven’t found that this promotes weight loss in any fashion and that’s after using them every day for years.

What strains were you taking for the probiotic?

I find pribiotics are a waste for me. I’m an avid believer in prebiotic for myself though :dizzy:

Oh how long did you try taking probiotics for? What strain did you take?

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I never even tried probitics. I just get a bad feeling about them for me. I prefer to cultivate bacteria in my intestines instead of ingesting them… Daz juz mee

I forget the names. I tried yogurt, which didn’t seem to work that well. I tried the expensive refrigerated liquid that worked well and cost a fortune, then I started making my own:

Cheap and it helps keep my diverticular disease from flaring up.


Oh food, they don’t contain as much probiotic as pills sadly I think


I usually eat “The Greek Gods” Greek yogurt brand.

The probiotic cultures used in this yogurt are Thermophilus, L. Bulgaricus, L. Acidophilus, Bifidobacterium and L. Casei.

Incorrect. 5 oz of my fermented sauerkraut has about ten trillion bacteria vs about ten billion bacteria in 2 of the average supplement pills. Learned this from a registered dietician. I’m also paying about 5% of what the expensive pills cost.


Well unless you take a lot, supplements contains more

I tried a fiber supplement back in 2015 or 2016, but it really didn’t do much for me.

Half a cup isn’t a lot.

Look it up FFS.

How much would be found in a typical probiotic capsule? For our Lacto-Bifido blend probiotic, one cup of sauerkraut equates to 1/8th of a capsule

You could try probiotics and lots of vegetables and fruits


Thanks @swordiebrom

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Look for strains that cause weight loss

Effects of Probiotics and Synbiotics on Weight Loss in Subjects with Overweight or Obesity: A Systematic Review - PMC.

The strains are listed here, the probiotic will feed off the prebiotic on the dietary fiber from fruits and vegetables

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One cup of store bought PASTEURIZED sauerkraut will have less probiotic because the heat kills the live cultures. Same problem with yogurt so it has to be added back. Raw, unpasteurized sauerkraut is established to have more CFU than supplements:

10 to the 10the power CFU/ml means that 1 teaspon of cabbage juice has 1.5 trillion CFU. That’s more than supplements. Sauerkraut is also rich in other minerals, especially B vitamins. Next time you drop a link, maybe it should be peer reviewed research and not the first shoddy blog article you find on Google to back up your flimsy argument. Especially not one from a biased hack with a vested interest in pushing overpriced supplements of a dubious nature on readers.

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Vegetables are both probiotic and high in fiber. I wouldn’t resort to a bunch of supplements to get this effect, I’d just make sure I’m eating vegetables with every meal.

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