St.johns wart?

Anyone have ant stories about this…from what i gather seems to be 50 50 some say it helps alot and some say ■■■■ you st.john ■■■■ you and your stupid warts… So post up please debating on taking it…

Be careful taking it, it can interact badly if you are taking certain psych meds. Talk to your pdoc first, but good luck with it if you do try it!

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don’t eat the leaves, they smell and taste like apple peels but it will give you the squirts! only the flower…or maybe I am thinking of another plant named for a saint…

I have heard similar to @anon84763962 - def speak to a doc first.

I took it, a family member took it, we both had scary cardiac issues.

I’ve tried such herbs for anxiety years ago, did not help. My guess is that it can help ease mild issues such as issues during PMS for women and such, and maybe some people get the placebo effect (which is fine, placebo effect can still be powerful healing so whatever). But for my issues such things did jack-all. Best effect I ever got from herbs was aromatherapy from Lavender and Rosemary, smelling it at night helps to relax me a little bit.

I’ve been curious about it. I’m glad people are letting me know the hazards of taking St. John’s wart. I was interested in trying bath salts a while back, and I am so glad I found out how back it was before I tried it.