Anyone suffer or know of sz/a being co-morbid with Impulse disorders?

I have been considering this.

I suffer from compulsive hair pulling and skin picking(started when I was eight). Yes, it is as gross as it seems…

It is obsessive and symptoms from ICDs(impulse control disorders) worsen with sz symptoms. When I am flat-line, I constantly pull hair. I forget anything else is around me and pull hair. The worse the sz symptoms, the worse the trich and dermatilliomania. Are they connected? Sometimes it feels like something is crawling or tingling my head and I have to rip it off.

Now, I can’t get anything done, because I need to pull hair. Can’t skin pick because my head got too bloody yesterday, and I’d rather not get an infection again on the scalp. I don’t notice it when it happens. Once got pulled out of class because my head was bleeding badly.

(I wear only large trench/pea coats and hats. It is the derma/trichatilliomania survivor guide.) Thank you.

Anyone subconsciously do this or suffer from ICDs?

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To me it’s like a way I can deliberately dissociate for a while when things are overwhelming. I usually pluck the hair around my ankles as it is growing back in after shaving, or I pluck my eyebrows (sometimes too much and then I have almost no eyebrows). And so on. It’s like a self-induced trance that helps to clear my mind. I used to self-harm and replaced it with hair-plucking when I was an older teenager, as it serves essentially the same purpose.

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@Turnip I hear ya. I have been eyebrowless many a time.
If I didn’t wear a hat to prevent scalp picking of hair, I may as well be Trump’s twin sister :confounded: .

I think it has something to do with stress relief. I pick and pull all over (yeah, its gross :confused:). Sometimes, think I see a hair underskin and end up using a knife to carve it out…sometimes there is no hair.

I am not sure if it falls under self-harm or impulse or both. Either way it is uncontrollable.
Take care.

I have the need to pop pimples… Even ones that aren’t there… If my skin is the least bit puffy than I squish it till something comes out… Don’t know if it’s the same thing but it definitely get worse when I’m in a “mood”…

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When in active psychosis I twist my hair and try to make it dread or sex or bulimia or self injury

When normal shopping / stealing (teenage) /
Exercise / eating / etc etc


Thanks for this article. I was looking for some studies on this. I always appreciate your finds.

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You’re a really nice person. I always find you along with others liking my posts.


Yeah I pull out all my pubic hairs. I have infections in my groin as a result. If things get real bad I pull out my beard and scalp hair. Here in the uk most pdocs aren’t very familiar with the impulse control diagnosis so they end up talking about obsessive type stuff.

My first doc was very cool about it tho. He told me he had met lots of folks who needed wigs cos their hair pulling. He also told me it was a difficult condition to treat.

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I hope this is directed to me or that would be a tad bit embarrassing :blush:.
Thank you. You are really nice too :grin:
I’m just happy that I’ve found a place where I can feel safe about sharing symptoms and get input from more seasoned minds. :slight_smile: Take care.

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My doc did advise wearing an elastic band on the wrist and snapping that every time you got an urge to hair pull.

You are not alone, my friend.

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They did that to me when I was first diagnosed at eight. All kinds of stuff. Mostly punishment for pulling. One of them was having relatives punish me if I pulled or not talk to me. None of that ever worked.

The cognitive behavior therapy is the best way to go.

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I have wondered about the psychology behind the hair pulling. Some of my docs have suggested it is like excessive grooming - almost a neurotic thing based around self image. Others say it is self harm.

Not sure if I agree about either point of view. Did noticed a slight improvement on high dose SSRIs.

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I think it is just a defect of the brain some how.

For me, it is just impulse. I has to be done. I never thought it was anything until my parents started noticing. I recall being in church at eight and just starting to pull hair from my fingers for no reason. It soon spread to everywhere else. However, I have more control now and pick skin from my head to avoid hair loss there.

Also, hats and coats!

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