Thricotollomania (hair pulling)

I watched these YouTube clips on this conditioning that makes people compulsively pull hair but I always thought hair pulling was a type of self harm? Is there a difference? Also anyone have this? Xxx

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That’s a mental disorder. I don’t really understand your post- what do you mean by conditioning?

Nothing just auto correct I meant condition xxx

Well, trichotillomania is an obsessive-type disorder. It’s in the same family of disorders as OCD and picking at your skin.

Those disorders aren’t fun. Not like most others are, but those disorders are insidious.

Got it but is it possible to hair pull without this? Like if it’s not obsessive is it still trich

Really, the disorder is when you are losing hair from it. Are you tugging on your hair, just sort of nervously pulling it, or are you ripping it out (pulling it out by the root)?

I knew a girl during my brief stint in high school who pulled her hair out. I remember hearing her wailing from the floor of the girl’s bathroom and a lot of the other girls would just make it worse by making fun of her. I can remember feeling so bad, wanting to help but couldn’t do much about it. She’d sometimes be out where we smoked cigarettes at lunch, I never really talked to her but I felt for her, at a time when feelings were far and few between for me.

Turns out she was the daughter of my first grade teacher…

I am diagnosed with Trich and it’s hair pulling from your head to other parts of your body. For me, it was a release and it just felt really good to take the hair out of my scalp and such. I didn’t really do it because I was self-harming but it was a habit that I hated because I had to hide and wear a hat most of the time. Good grief.

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Hope your okay sounds tough I only knew it was a thing a few days ago and was wondering xxx wish you all the best

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Thank you, i hope you have happy days too