Anyone share about autism and facial expression? I thought couldn’t pose or be approachable and how I feel about looking approachable

I just can’t get over it
I spent an evening trying to pose in a restaurant with my husband
After a couple of selfies and an hour of little conversation and much concentration it was possible to achieve a non frowning face
(( I mean as a default for the evening not as a pic or two ))

This led me to think that I should have been braver and try to maintain a friendly face

It’s easier to smile than frown?
It look better but I feel sad that I’m in my 40’s and just figured this out now

And of course then the old thing about not wanting to be a moody or a frump or Po faced seems to be related
But out of fear Or lack of confidence I have been wearing a frown all my life
My s.o.h. Was gone for about 10 years taking everything seriously but it’s back now

It’s not easy just trying to make a smiling face. I’ve tried it and looked in the mirror. I look gone out/simple minded. It’s something that has to come naturally/spontaneously.

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Oh yes
I see what you mean

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