Anyone see the video my son did about me?

I can post it again …


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i didn’t see it.


The hamburger one?

We’ve seen it a thousand times!


Will I go blind?

This sounds risky.


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We can have a vote


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It wasn’t a hamburger it was a breakfast


Was it at McDonalds?

Too much yanking the chain can cause blindness


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I was famous for a minute I guess


If I could fluff the dove more believe me I would. Thank you Zyprexa.

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Don’t worry

I am on Zyprexa 21 years mate

I guess I served my time hey

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can you say what you really mean by that?


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:owl: :spider_web: :owl:

I will report your post now…!

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:spider_web: :owl: :spider_web:

whatever …

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‘Between The Click Of The Light, And The Start Of A Dream’~ Arcade Fire (Neon Bible).