Anyone up for chat?

A bit bored. Anyone around for chat?

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I’ll chat


What u up to? What time is it where you are?

I’m just doing laundry and I just woke up from a short snooze. And its 2pm here in California. What time is where you are?

It’s 22.10 here in UK.

Well good evening. So are you sz or sza? What meds are you on? If you don’t want to talk shop I totally understand, there’s always the weather, lol

I’m on depixol. I’ve been diagnosed schizophrenic. You?

sza, saphris, rexulti, Topamax and Cymbalta. That’s the bad thing about sza is there’s usually a cocktail that goes along with it. But I do pretty good. How about you? You doing pretty good? Any breakthrough symptoms?

No symptoms at moment al though I’ve been in hospital five times in past. How about u?

No simple way to stop this sadness …
Someone please talk to me :disappointed_relieved:

Hi. How are you?

I’ve been in the hospital 9 time for suicide attempts, I just didn’t want to be alive. But I’m better now. I want to be here. I have a lot to look forward to. And I’m working hard to make a better future for myself. It’s great that you’re not having any symptoms, are you disabled or working. I’m currently disabled but just now looking to go back to work. Started my work search 2 days ago.

I’m not working at moment but just applied for nursing degree. Just got applications in tonight. Sorry to hear about you being in hospital and your suicide attempts.

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Oh thank you, yea it was sad times, I am sorry to have put my family through that. I’m happy to hear you got your applications in, that’s totally exciting. Good luck, nursing is a grand thing to do. Nurses deserve a lot of credit.

Thanks I hope I get on course.

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How long of a program were you wanting to do?

It looked like I would have a good day today but some voices and limitations kept me at home - I forced myself to get out of the house and go to the dollar store for mouthwash - I came home laid down … Thinking to myself ‘i am so unhappy’ it’s like Im between awake and asleep with a sadness in my heart

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3 years degree. How about you. Do you work?

Sorry to hear that. Sounds tough.

I’m sorry @Cloudd3ad maybe tomorrow will be a better day