Anyone on Penfluridol?

Penfluridol is an relatively old antipsychotic that was invented in 1968. A Chinese Pdoctor Wenwei Yan has made exploration and experiment on this med. He found that although Penfluridol is not a good med for emergency cases of schizophrenia but it is a excellent med for maintenance at the dosage of 15mg -20mg per week. He observed for 25 years and found that the patients who had been on Penfluridol were less likely to relapse, and had little cognitive impairment, weight gain, morning sedation. So Doctor Yan suggested those who already got their symptoms under control for more than one year should switch med to Penfluridol.

I was wondering if Penfluridol is really so good for maintenance. Has anyone had the experience of Penfluridol?