Anyone on Injections here?

I just got my invega trinza 819mg this morning and I’m so excited that is going to help whit my anhedonia, lack of joy, and motivation, lack of sexual desire. Fingers crossed guyyyys!!! :d :smiley: :D.

I hope not to become a sexual monster rawwwww :slight_smile:

injections are better then pills i do xeplion 100mg once in a month i feel more freedom and no worrying if i forget the pills, plus less side efects.

Did xeplion increased you libido, drive to do the things you love, increased you confidence, and overall zest of life back?

I think invega trinza is making me horny but to early to tell

I was a sexual monster on Abilify.

no xeplion decrease my libido but other then that i dont feel anything strange.

Invega totally killed my desire. It has a history of lowered libido as a side effect. Who told you it’d help with sex?

I take Invega Sustenna injections.

Me too bro me too. Before invega trinza I was depressed and unmotivated. Now sex is a daily necesity and got a job in my first 4 weeks of the treatment. Im so happy they invented the antipsychotic Injections. Changed my life so positively. I want to be alive again

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I had literally no libido for months before the injection. Now my libido is off the charts high. I even thinking to inject my girlfriend whit invega trinza so we both will have insane sex life.
Thank you invega trinza. God bless janssen pharmaceuticals for such gift for humanity


For me it was unpleasant because I was addicted to sex, 6x/ day and it was painful. I stopped Abilify. But yeah on Abilify I had motivation and was happy, no negative symptoms. I am waiting on Vraylar by end of this year. Its similar to Abilify but no addictions and no hypersexuality. I should have no negative symptoms on Vraylar.

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Consider invega trinza broh, has saved my marriage from monotony and now I’m making 150,000$ a year thanks to this injection. Make me so productive whit so much energy. Im forever glad I decided to be on it

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Are you messing with us?

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God bless janssen pharmaceuticals for invented the long acting antipsychotic Injections. Humanity has greatly benefit from their invention.
Every human on earth should be injected so suicide rates around the globe will drop.
I think they should receive a nobel prize.


Just stop.


Both risperidone and Invega are well known to kill off sexual desires.
I don’t know what’s happening with you @Nada_de_nada but doubt if it’s Invega.

Lol I was like wtf Invega decreases libido and not increase it lmao

Is because you tried the lower dose. They need to pin your ass whit the highest dose for hypersexuality to appear

I believe what’s happening is he’s trolling.


Yea, Invega is like Risperdal that I am on, it killed my libido. He’s trolling obviously.

My girlfriend is enjoying the benefits from invega trinza. She says I’m a new man. I think I am in love whit her now.
This is even better than mdma whit no risks and is so cheap!!! I only pay 2150 $ every 3 months!!!