Anyone on Abilify and Latuda together?

I’m considering switching to more weight neutral option from seroquel and latuda to abilify and latuda and was wondering if it’s a good option? I haven’t asked doctor yet if this combination works ok

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I tried Latuda on abilify. It made me racey. I don’t think it’s a good combination as both are atypical. Usually u mix atypical with typical.

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What are you on now?

As far as antipsychotics I’m only on abilify now

I’m doing great on Seroquel and Latuda, but I just hate the beer belly I got with Seroquel

Stay on what works


I just switched from olanzapine and latuda to abilify and latuda. For only around 1 week, I am already 3 to 4 pounds less. Olanzapine really causes obesity.