Anyone more productive outside ‘9 to 5’? Any unusual diurnal rhythms?

I operate best if I get up at midnight and go to sleep at 4pm.

I get the most of the day but also get my quiet time to start the day too


I am back on a normal sleep schedule now.

Normally about 9pm to 7pm I sleep

When I was on Flupentixol, I was sleeping pretty much all the time


I find I am more creative, productive etc around 03:00/04:00

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These days no but years ago I worked a permanent afternoon shift. It worked out well because most times I was never one to go to bed and needed wind down time. So. I’d go to bed with the sunrise most days ( about 5-6 am ) and get up at noon. It really worked well for me and I’d only see my housemate on the weekends. We had some simple rules. If you cook you don’t clean and we share the other household chores accordingly…

These days. I go to sleep pretty early and I’m up at 5 am no matter what…I think that is the key. No matter what your schedule stick to it and keep it consistent. I’ve found taking meds religiously at the same time each day helps tremendously.


In the past my sleep has been all over the place and I really had terrible insomnia

I’m so glad I don’t have that anymore. I am in bed at 7pm. Browse my phone for a bit. Asleep by 9pm and up at about 5am.

I like to get up before qwertle is awake which is about 6 to have a coffee and do a bit of painting or chores.

I sleep well these days.

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I often have this creative boost in the evenings and then sleep late and feel crappy next day.

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@Jimbob, I noticed that too, same time…

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It’s a great schedule isn’t it!

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