Anyone listen to grunge?

I discovered a couple newer underground grunge bands last week that I really like. It’s my favorite kind of music but seems really hard to come by. The two bands are Noiseheads and Violent Soho. Does anyone here listen to grunge?

Violent Soho - Jesus Stole My Girlfriend.
Violent Soho - Son of Sam.
Noiseheads - God Like Wannabe.
Noiseheads - Expectations.


I live in Seattle… It’s sort of unavoidable. I like it. Alice in Chains was one of my favorite. Soundgarden was another one. I don’t listen to much music with lyrics anymore. But when I could…

The kid sis is into Violent Soho.- “Neighbor Neighbor” and “In the Aisle” is playing from her room lately.

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Nirvana was grunge, right? I didn’t care for them when they were together but now I hear a few songs of theirs on the radio that I like.

Ya I do, I also love slow metal, rock, and piano musical pieces.

soundgarden, nirvana and wavves! I love grunge

I wish I was in Seattle when it was really big.

I love grunge bands and music. Alice n Chains, Soundgarden, Nirvana, Screaming Trees - love them all

Thanks for the replies! I was at the grocery today with my mom and got a compliment on the shirt I was wearing… it was a Kurt Cobain shirt… definitely a highlight to my day and made me feel good.

One of my favorite nirvana songs.

He gets to pet and name her.