Anyone like wearing beanies?

I was told I rock a beanie really well??? I wish I could wear it in the summertime. Nothing like wearing one in the fall. My parents brought me back this one from Alaska!!!



I have a beanie somewhere. Had to fold it to get it to fit right. Don’t really like it.

Might get another one sometime.

Ahhhh I know the type. I’m a beanie connoisseur I guess. U gotta get one like the one in my pic.


I wish I had a better mailing address so I could get packages easier. I’m sure there are some cool ones on the web.

I thought this one was cool

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Once I was wearing a beanie in May and the lady told me that was a symptom of SZ…to be wearing that.

I told her “I don’t think I’m SZ” and she said “The beanie on your head says otherwise”

Weird… that’s prejudice and really stupid. oh well

I am from Alaska and I must say YOU FREAKING ROCK DUDE.

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I was looking for an article that says Schizophrenics wear innapropriate clothing for the weather sometimes…and I came across this. Very ignorant

“Disorganized behavior may range from simple problems sustaining goal-directed self-care behaviors such as personal hygiene to unpredictable and bizarre socially inappropriate outbursts. For example, people may not dress according to the weather, (i.e., they may wear a heavy coat in the middle of summer), they may wear odd or inappropriate makeup, they may shout at people for no apparent reason, or they may mutter to themselves continuously, etc. They may even strip off their clothing and run naked through the streets, while chewing on road kill. Most anything is possible.”

In Alaska we where beanie’s men and women and WE FREAKING ROCK .

Just seeing you makes me homesick.

Effing crazies out there.

I talk to myself all the time. Mostly just lyrics to songs and what not.

Alaska sounds awesome. My parents went there for 2 weeks and told me the people there were very cognoscente (is that the right word), to the wildlife. They spent 2 weeks just looking at bears and puffins and other animals. Sounded awesome. it was their 30th anniversary trip and didn’t take me, I wanted to go.

Not that part, the part of the eating roadkill on the streets disturbed me. Maybe that happened once in history ?? Or zero. Who knows.

Hah yeah doesn’t sound realistic at all.

you have a really cute face. nice hat, I don’t see anything wrong with it or a relation to a mental illness. I know I can’t wear them but when it’s -30 I wear a wool hat and my gloves. It’s just a matter of habit. It may be weird during summer though, it gets hot. I just bought a puma caskette, have you tried those instead during summer?

I used to think there was tracking devices sewn into my clothing… I would strip off and be naked in public… a lot of my previous life… I was naked in public. Or I’d just wear a racing speedo… I don’t miss those days…

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Thanks you do too. And yeah I try not to wear it during summertime anymore but I did when I was deep in my illness and off medication. it’s like my comfort zone. Haven’t heard of puma caskette’s…will google.

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I like beanies, I used to wear them, I may do so this fall and winter - you look pretty cool in one @turningthepage

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beanies are cool.
take care :alien:

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I like beanies I where them mostly in January.