Anyone like the movie “Zodiac?”

I absolutely love this film. It is based off of the uncaught serial killer who terrorized California, known as the Zodiac. I love the opening scene.


It’s a good movie. Finished the ending of interstellar today. It was good. Plus they focus on the Hamilton Murph. They actually sell that watch but it’s like $800 and I’m not that much into it. Still a cool watch though. I’d be down to watch Zodiac again.

Great movie. I think it’s David Fincher’s masterpiece. Really creepy thinking that they never caught the Zodiac.

Some people think he might’ve been in the military because of the boots he wore and his stalking skills.

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I like anything with Jake Gyllenhaal. Especially Donnie Darko.


Donnie Darko was a good one!


I love David Fincher,

But can’t stomach Jake Gyllenhaal.

His pretentious little rat face makes me sick.

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He looks like me, unfortunately lol

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People used to think Jack the Ripper was a surgeon due to the nature of his crimes.

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Yep! I’ve heard that theory before. I tried reading the graphic novel From Hell, but the artwork is really weird in it and it’s hard to tell at times which character is which. Plus it went into a lot of weird Freemasonry philosophy. I never finished it.

From Hell was made into an interesting movie starring Johnny Depp. It’s slow in parts, but it really creeps you out because the brutality of the murders.

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Yeah, I really enjoyed the movie. Great cinematography of that old timey London.

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It really captures the essence of a ghetto in London.

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Zodiac remains not arrested.
What a mystery!

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I never understood that movie. It was just weird.

“pretentious little rat face” yeah!!

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