Anyone like gothic music or the gothic style of dress?

Hey guys, as above, thoughts?


I don’t have anything against it. Kind of interesting. I don’t know any gothic music though.

I used to dress goth in the early 00s

I honestly love it. Something about black lipstick really interests me. Met a few Goths in high school. They aren’t the weirdos people make them out to be.


I like Marilyn mansons music

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I’m OK with some gothic metal bands like Tristania.

I like Bauhaus band

I used to have gothic friends back when I was in high school. I dressed in the hippie style back then

I like type o negative and the cure but i wasnt much into it i never had an specific dressing style i just dressed like whatever.

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I generally don’t find goths or gothic music all that interesting. I dress in black mainly as a matter of convenience – I don’t like having to think about what I’m going to wear or match things. I do purposefully mismatch the colour of my shoes, but everything else tends to be black.

Edit: When you see me wearing something that isn’t black that’s me making Mrs. Squirrel happy because she bought it for me. Keeping her happy is also important to me.


I like type O negative, and some other heavy metal bands. I like their style but not interested in dressing that way. I don’t listen to that type of music much.


I like the gothic look. I think it’s cool.

I love gothic music! I also love the fashion style, but I don’t think I’d like to wear a lot of dark colors a lot, as much as I like the color black.


I think goth subculture is cool. I think some people put their own little neat spin on the fashion. So that’s neat.

I don’t really listen to the music or dress goth though.

In my high school years I was really into it though.

I had a lot of CD’s by Bauhaus, Skinny Puppy, and Sisters of Mercy.

I just dress casual and urban now.


I’m more into DarkWave than actual Goth.

I like Industrial Music and Synthpop more than either.

When the weather is right I wear my faux leather jacket. It’s indistinguishable from the real thing.
I guess I’m more trying to be Industrial than Goth.

Never really tried facial piercings or anything like that.


In the early 2000’s I was part of the Las Vegas goth scene. Private events, night clubs, music and drugs.

Was a wild time. :wink::joy::llama:

Gothic aesthetic is 10/10 I love it

I grew up with Goth’s as a part of our cities subculture. You’d all end up at the same shows and I enjoyed music like The Sisters of Mercy.

This gothic stuff I think is just too whack!

I really liked the gothic look when I was younger

Gothic is my favourite style.

If i ever marry I want a gothic wedding.

I love love love :two_hearts: gothic.