Anyone know much about home coffee machines? Sub $300 limit

I like latte mostly. I prefer coffee you get in the cafes to filter or french press at home


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Nespresso is a good system.

No cleaning up. But very addictive. The coffee capsules are about 40p of your finest pence each.

I’ve got this machine. But had to go back to instant coffee. It was too addictive and the capsules were costing me a fortune in the end I was having so much.


Yeah 40p a coffee is pretty steep. Plus loads of waste I reckon

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The Ninja coffee system is supposed to be good. I have a Keurig and a Hamilton Beach coffee make that allows me to take 1 cup at a time, dispensed.

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Does coffee make you more paranoid @anon94176359 ? If so is it a good idea ?

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Not directly but I tend to drink most of my coffee at night which leads to poor sleep. Eventually all this poor sleep catches up on me

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£300 or $300. I thought you were in the UK ?

Argh. This thread prompted me to order 100 capsules. I’m a complete junkie.

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Mine tend to be expensive. I prefer to buy appliances that last 20 years.

I’ve only used the simple Melina coffee cone. You put s filter in And pour the hot water over
You buy coffee to use with the cone and cone shaped filter


My Aldi machine is great.
I love :two_hearts: it!

Under $100.
Capsule machine.

get a keurig 2.0
super easy to use and good coffee

We got a keurig for $80. You still have to buy pods for it. My suggestion is get the reusable pods, so you can use whatever kind of kind of cheap ground coffee you like instead of buying pod coffee. Aren’t you supposed to be cutting back on caffeine?

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Ooooh, same here. I am ashamed.

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We’ve got a 20 dollar Hamilton Beach k-pod machine. Each kid has the brand and pods they like, plus I stocked up on a 150 count box of Door County hot cocoa k-pods on sale for 6.99 a few months back during quarantine part 1.

Kiefer likes any light to medium roast, almost any brand, I taught him to make his faux Starbucks frappe in a glass bottle at home.

Raina does cappuccino of all sorts.

Kalick uses the little filter thing to brew tea bags.

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I’ve got a Philips Senseo machine. Costs 50€ and works with patches that are like 10 cents a piece. My mum has a 1500€ machine that works with fresh beans.

I like thermal coffee makers for drip coffee. And espresso capsule machines for espresso. There are so many options it’s amazing.

I have a Keurig from Costco that makes single servings, 4oz up to 10oz. I love it. I also have a tall, glass container with a metal filter at the top. I use that for making cold brew coffee. You just fill up the filter halfway with coffee, fill the container with water, and stick it in the fridge for 12 to 24 hours before removing the filter.

I just recently got a cold brew maker thingy, I didn’t try cold brew for years, I love it now. There are so many ways to enjoy coffee.