Anyone here become judgemental/sensitive when psychotic?

I find i am very judgemental/sensitive when i am psychotic,like when people talk about finances,looks,weight i get “stunned”,i wonder anyone else get judgemental/senstive when psychotic?

Part of the allure of my psychosis is everything becomes black and white, thus creating a purpose for me. It’s as if I have been given a mission, My attention is fully wrapped up in fulfilling it. Pity that when I look back my behaviour is not at all productive, alas there is no mission to carry out.

add. I am rather callous towards others then, it’s the perceived criticism I am sensitive to.

When I’m slipping into positive symptoms… some of my delusions, mixed with some manic energy, I get very judgemental and quickly irritated by people. I start treating my family like they are stupid and all around me are inferior for only I have the true enlightenment.

I don’t know how some of my family puts up with me. I don’t like myself when I’m like that.

Maybe that’s why I have such a hard time with people who do noting but brag about themselves, or act infinitely superior… it reminds me of when I’m starting to destabilize. I don’t like it when I act like that and seeing it in others makes me cringe.


yes when I am psychotic I become very judgmental, i also start to analyze every sentence, and i think they have a very deep meaning referring to me.

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My son does although he can’t usually tell that it is originating from himself which can be hard. Like right now he is not recovered yet from the adderall mishap so for days I have been getting attitude because I made a comment about him not being 5 when he was climbing in a restaurant window so he is going to act like a 5 year old around me :wink:


Everybody, and I mean everyone is on my Shat list when I get psychotic.
I just want to stay at home and not be annoyed by anyone, so it’s better if others do as I ask.

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I thought the sweetest person in the world, poisoned me, and I told her she was cold. I was so sure I had been poisoned I went to the ER. Everything had special significance and special meaning to me. I was receiving special messages from everywhere. She has forgiven me. I had some apologizing to do once I was back on the meds.


My personality is judgemental. ENTJ- extroverted, intuitive, thinking and judging. I cant help it to some extent- it’s who I am. But yeah not on meds I was worse, I still judge people and only end up trusting people who are equal to me in some way. My psychologist rather endorses it, he has a judgmental personality too and thinks that some people actually are quite unique (at AA they told everyone that youre not unique, that didnt resonate well with me, I think everyone is infinitely unique) and need to be careful about who they let in their world.

I think that is a good guideline for living with schizophrenia. Be careful who you let in your world. Why? Because your world is fragile. I have a bit more wiggle room because I am further in recovery but at your stage I would be quite selective of who you associate with. A true friend can be hard to find, but there are people out there whom you are compatible with, as friends, as boyfriend or girlfriend, as whatever type of relationship and bond between individuals, never forget that you dont deserve to be alone. I am speaking to you @Mobc1990 personally.

Being judgmental is not necessarily a negative trait. If you never were, you would let everyone and anything enter your world and not hold to your own traits and values, you would end up being a reflection of everyone else and NOT unique if you never judged people. Even people who score ENTP (extroverted, intuituve, thinking and perceiving) still have traces of judgmental thinking, the ones who are 100% perceiving often end up not knowing who they are or what to do…this is in the books and I have watched it happen to a friend of mine who is an INTP. He was halfway though school in France studying biology and just quit going due to outside influences. You see, being the opposite of who you are is not always a better path. So dont deny yourself and just be yourself.

But if youre psychotic you need medicine. That goes without saying.

Sensitive? I don’t even have to be psychotic to be sensitive. Judgmental? Nah. I’m probably one of the least judgmental people out there. I tend to just accept people for who they are and not make too many assumptions up front, as this is what I’ve learned about judgment. The people I’ve known and experienced who seem to be the most judgmental are basing most of their thinking on assumptions. I know from experience that people are complicated and it takes time to get to know a person. The more judgmental people however will very quickly come to conclusions with little real information to base these conclusions on.

This may not necessarily apply to all judgmental types, but it has been my experience that judgment often includes making assumptions and prematurely drawing a conclusion. It’s been my experience anyway that I tend to clash with judgmental types right off the bat but I must give them time to firstly, be wrong, secondly get pissed off, and finally accept who I really am. I had an experience six months ago clashing with such a judgmental type that went just this way, right off the bat he’s making wild assumptions about me…I’m quiet so I must be psychotic he says as he waves his fingers before my eyes. It took several rocky days of frustration before we could get to where we are today. These days we interact very pleasantly with each other and simply accept each other for who we are.

But the sensitive part is another story…eek am I a Highly Sensitive Person…

i turn into a pyschotic giant werewolf and roar at anything…and then i have to apologise alot afterwards !!
take care

My son is the same way. Later, he will call and say “sorry-I was stressed.”
how does your family act towards you when you get this way? Just wondering because I`m not always sure if I handle it well myself!

I spend a lot of time with my parent,either in work or at home,I feel my dad doesn’t mind my judgemental attitude and hyper sensitive but my mum is like “look down” on my judgemental and hyper sensitiveness she commented this matter on me last time but less frequently nowadays,they still love me though but I know these are bad attribute,really hope I can do something about it

I am very sensitive when in a psychotic state. I am very sensitive when I’m not in a psychotic state but recall being in one. I’m very sensitive when comes to the topic of Psychosis. I don’t know about judgmental, Usually I’m to wrapped up in my own little world of Psychosis to care about other people.

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