I think I'm very emotionally sensitive

On yahooanswers someone called me a moron because I said I looked everywhere for a poem and couldn’t find it. It hurts my chest when people say things like this to me.

Can schizophrenia cause sensitivity?

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Definitely! From those I’ve encountered it either causes over-emotion or under-emotion, so dependant on your symptoms and how you handle them, you’ll either care too much or not seem to care at all. Seems quite common so I wouldn’t worry, just keep fighting


When I’m in negative symptoms… I feel nothing…
When I’m manic… nothing bothers me…

But when I’m not feeling that strong… stuff gets under my skin deeply…

It’s not just people with Sz… it hurts a lot of humans to be called names and be made to feel stupid for asking a question or trying to join in…

I have some siblings who aren’t Sz… and if that happened to them… they would be hurt too…

I hope you feel better… and be kind to yourself. :v:


I felt oversensitive after my psychotic break, now I’m better but still handle very poorly agressions of any kind

If we were really sensitive to other peoples weaknesses, pain, and desperate need for defenses we would have more understanding of why they do the things they do, including lashing out at others. So we should consider – it might be better if we were more sensitive rather than less sensitive.

For example, right now my wife has been an Angry Bear for several weeks due to physical pain that she is going through from a severe attack of arthritis combined with getting shingles and having her nose packed twice because of nosebleeds. I am saying I could be more sensitive to her discomfort and frustration rather than less sensitive to her striking out at me.

P.S., I don’t like being called a moron either but when somebody points a finger, they have three fingers pointing at themselves. :wink:

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What a moronic thing to call you a moron for! Some people are just jerks.

I’ve always been called tenderhearted. I take things very much to heart. I think part of it is that I so often find my perception out of line with whatever other people tell me is the truth, that I give the random cruelties of others more weight than I should. It’s hard for me to tell how much truth there is in them.

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I don`t know if oversensitivity is true, but I know there are some real ~!@# out there!

I like it here cause you all are so nice. Thanks for letting me be a part of this forum guys :blush:

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I think that was a normal reaction. I can’t say if sz is more likely to make someone sensitive or not because I’m sza bipolar so I have a couple of things going on at once.

But yeah, I’m more sensitive than a take home pregnancy test.

Sorry… I’m feeling sassy tonight -.-

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Onceapoet alwaysapoet

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