Anyone hear anything bad about the Covid19 vaccines?

I’m getting the Pfizer vaccine Thursday. Is there anything wrong with it? Does it make you mildly I’ll. I have an appointment Friday I need to go to.

The Astra Zenica one is on hold over here for maybe causing blood clots in people. Besides that one I haven’t heard anything bad about the others. I think I’d prefer the pfizer one if I get the choice.


Here in Arkansas USA we are having to take whichever one the health department is giving out on that particular day. There’s no choice.

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Yeah we will be in the same boat. Still. I’d be happy with the pfizer vaccine. I think you’ve done well and your getting it. My ex mrs is in Fayetteville Arkansas and she’s just getting on the list to get it.

I think the negative side effects of all the vaccines are very low. They’re definitely less dangerous than the virus.

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In my case the pharmacy my psychiatric care provider uses is coming to my care provider’s office to give them out. There were maybe thirty people on the sign up sheet.

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Thanks crimby. 15

Haven’t heard of any but a few rare incidents of reaction.

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Thanks DoubleNickel.

Vaccines are good. Take it if you are lucky to get it.

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Nope! 1515151515

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Pfizer’s vaccine is probably the top of the class. The first dose won’t bother you at all most likely. The second dose will leave you feeling like you’ve been whomped by a good flu for a day, but that actually shows it’s working well as it has primed your immune system to recognize what looks like COVID. The second shot will trigger that immune response, which is a good thing.

AstraZenica is a very safe vaccine, the small number of reported bad reactions (clots) are so few that they are outliers statistically. More likely to be from a bad batch than it being a bad vaccine. I personally don’t want it because it’s not proven to have the efficacy of Pfizer or Moderna.

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Thanks @Kxev @Inezinez. I was just wondering if the vaccines make you mildly sick. I’m glad I’m going to get one tomorrow, and not have to worry about going to the hospital I can’t afford.

Thanks @shutterbug . That’s what I was wondering about.

That’s the one I’m getting tomorrow too.

Hope everything goes well for you.

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Thanks Gamera. 15

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The only vaccine I would turn down is Astra Zeneca’s version.
There is a relatively high amount of people getting blood clots, the vaccine might be the cause.

It has not been approved for emergency use here in the United States yet.

It may never get approved.

Pfizer is a very effective vaccine and so is Moderna.

J&J is still pretty effective.

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Thanks Wave. I’m supposed to get the Pfizer vaccine this morning. I’m waiting on it now.

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Pfizer is king of all vaccines.
Good luck @anon54988740 and congratulations.

You may feel some mild flu like symptoms for a couple of days but nothing serious.

Especially with the second dose.

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