Anyone having trouble opening the site on a computer vs phone?

I can’t open this webpage on my MacBook Air for the last two months now. It won’t work on both safari and google chrome. But it works fine on my phone. Anyone else with this problem?

No, I am on pc and have no issues.

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No, mine works on both

Works fine for me on Windows (Chrome/Firefox), Linux Mint (Firefox), and Chrome OS (Chrome, obviously).

All good on pc. Perhaps updates? I’m not a mac user so don’t know the ins and outs but someone may know.

It’s an old MacBook 2014 running OSX the site used to run fine but recently it just won’t open

I don’t have any problems on my Mac…

Maybe you could delete and reinstalled your web browser?

I just bought a Chromebook laptop, and it’s working fine on it. I am also accessing through an Android phone.

I used to have this problem on Firefox mobile but not since a while

I think it’s the browser, clear the cache and maybe reinstall the browser