Admins - using site on mobile poblems

I only use my 4g phone for this site because i don’t have reliable internet where i live in the country. Every time I try to select the category, which is a must, the drop down pops up and down, up and down a million times, so I can’t select anything. I usually have to try about twenty times before it drops and stops, so I can select a category.

Any plans for something more mobile friendly? I took the quiz on the homepage and am all for a mobile app.

What is your phone (make / model number) and what web browser on the phone are you using. The issue probably is an old web browser - most problems can be cleared up by using a modern, recently updated web browser on your phone.

Try updating to Google chrome for mobile, or the latest safari if you’re on Apple ios. Then let us know how it is operating.

I have a Samsung galaxy avant. I’m not sure of model number or browser. I just use the Internet icon that looks like a globe. I believe I have chrome. I’ll give it a try. Thanks.

I’m using Chrome now and it works, but it’s snail slow. Thanks for the tip :wink:

Are you saying its slower than before? Try it at a few different times of the day and confirm its slower. Do you still have the old web browser on your phone - can you compare the speeds of the two. Try one, then the other?

Chrome is now working just fine. Are you suggesting I should delete the old browser for maximum speed?

Thanks again for your help.

No - you said the site was “snail slow” - so I’m wondering if it was any faster on your old browser?

It’s probably just my poor signal out here in the country. Thanks admin!

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That pop up and down thing happens to me too! It always works eventually though

I switched to using Chrome on my phone like admin said and it works now. Actually all sites are working better.