Anyone have Time Dilation?

I looked it up on Google. Time dilation and time constriction. I have the former. I feel so unbelievably old! I’m 51 going on 510. I feel like I’m experiencing Eternity every day. Some nights I’m up and time stretches for infinity. I won’t ever die, I’ll just fade away one day, in about twenty years, if I’m lucky to live so old, and I want to because I’ve got some big goals. Live forever in the moment! There is no such thing as time. We are in Eternity. The other, time constriction, I only really experienced one day, I didn’t like that.


Funny, as time normally speeds up the older you get.

I definitely had what you experienced bad and just as bad as you. Currently, I feel time speeding up a bit. It’s not technically time dilation (I think) but our human perception of time. There was a time early on in my illness that time didn’t seem to pass at all but was just a digit or number. So a day might have been an eternity or a second but I don’t know which one anymore.

I believe I have some transhumanism qualities or abilities like remembering time and life before the big crunch and after the big bounce and so forth. I lived through the end of human civlization many times, which scares me and makes me paranoid and is off topic here.

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