Accelerated Time Percepion

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I was recently diagnosed with Psychotic Disorder NOS. Basically for three months straight I have had the experience that time has been sped up by a supernatural force. I literally feel like the seconds and minutes of the day are going by faster than they were before. It feels like an hour last 15 minutes, this is 24/7 (Really!!!) I have been put 10MG of Zyprexa but don’t feel like its doing any good. Has anyone had this or delusions that are there all the time?



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Yes my voices say there are speeding up time but time seems to go slowly for me so that’s s big hint that they lie. They say they want me dead cuz I am the weakest being thet was the only person that couldn’t pass there test. But there tests dont seem like tests to me as they just make fun of me for not reacting the right way to somthing. Like they tell me to take a drink of water then say it will hurt my mom and I dont then they say u failed cuz I was supposed to know that was a lie but there’s no way of knowing its dumb then did this to me for days saying I was the only one now that smoked during a curtain time then they once said I could do wat ever I wanted and I I’d be fine but now they say I do the worst things as in terms of smoking saying that’s its weak and drugs

Welcome. It’s all about function. If your life is suffering from what you are experiencing then you need to address that. If you’ve a broken arm you’ll seek help because it’s sore. If you’ve something wrong with your brain you’ll justify that everything is normal.

What you are describing can be a symptom of mental illness. Changes in time and perception are common but we are all different. IT’s important to be honest with your treating team/provider and take what pills they give you at least for a period of 6 weeks minimum it would seem.

Welcome to the community.

Totally can relate! I once watched the sun move from one end of the sky to the other in what seemed like minutes. Then I had these events that repeated themselves. I thought I was trapped in time because they were identical and I experienced them twice. I called them time vortex. Another thing I went through relating to time had to do with reliving the same days over again. I asked people the date and was told the same date several days in a row. (I swear I went to sleep and woke up in between) It was confusing. Time seems to be more stable now, which is nice. I’m not sure what causes it, like how does my mind create such weird perceptions?

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