Anyone have experience with Lithium?

I read good reviews about it. It’s a neuroleptic (sorta ish kinda in a way) but I’m scared of 2 things about taking it;

My TD is going to return full force.
I’m going to start taking nicotine again due to depletion of dopamine.

Other things that dont come to my mind atm

What should I do ?

(My main reason of refusing meds is because of the side effects and fear of starting up nicotine again)

Any reassurance is appreciated, thank you.

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Got to watch out for lithium, as it’s toxic.
It’s hard on your kidneys and thyroid.

You have to drink plenty of water with it.

It gave me hypothyroidism.

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I shook so bad I could barely write or drink from a cup. It was awful. But everyone reacts differently to different meds.

This med sounds powerful. If I can’t even handle 15 mg of abilify, I bet I can’t handle this one.

Sometimes people say I have mania but I don’t think so. It’s just depression

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